Vernissage 09.05.2024, 6 pm

Anna Lerchbaumer

In Anna Lerchbaumers Solo-Ausstellung PULLING THE PLUG werden Steckdosen zum Sockel ihrer Skulpturen und zu ironischen Kommentaren auf unsere vernetzte Gesellschaft. Die Steckdose, die lieblos in den Ecken unseres Alltags versteckt wird, ist die Hauptschlagader unseres digitalen Lebensstils. Anna Lerchbaumer macht sie zur Hauptdarstellerin.

In ihren multi-medialen Installationen zeigt Anna Lerchbaumer immer wieder auf humorvolle Weise eine Alltagspoetik, die das Gewöhnliche und unsere Umgebung hinterfragt. Sie erforscht die Beziehung zwischen Natur und Technologie, ebenso wie sie mit scharfen Blick auf die Absurditäten unserer Alltags blickt. Ihre vielfältige Praxis reicht von Skulptur über Sound Installationen zur Performance Kunst - eine verirrte Antenne macht elektromagnetische Schwingungen hörbar, während sich übergroße Ohropax dem digitalen Lärm entziehen wollen.

In Anna Lerchbaumer's solo exhibition PULLING THE PLUG, sockets become the base of her sculptures and ironic commentaries on our digitalized society. The power socket, lovelessly hidden in the corners of our everyday lives, is the main artery of our digital lifestyle. At discotec it becomes the main protagonist.

In her multi-media installations, Anna Lerchbaumer humorously presents an everyday poetic that questions the ordinary and our surroundings. She explores the relationship between nature and technology, as well as taking a sharp look at the absurdities of our everyday lives. Her diverse practice ranges from visual art to sound installations and performance - an antenna makes electromagnetic vibrations audible, while oversized earplugs try to escape the digital noise.

︎ annalerchbaumer.com


Screening 02.06.2024, 7:30 pm

TecTales is a multidimensional screening event in the art space discotec, organized by Tina Kult. TecTales presents significant positions in contemporary video art and, alongside the exhibition program, creates a dedicated and communal space where moving images can be experienced in their full length. The event also features a musical and culinary program, providing a platform for lively discussions, creative interactions and valuable interchange opportunities.

TecTales is delighted to present a selection of short movies by Johanna Bruckner,Susanna Flock and S()fia Braga. The works delve into speculative, queer and gentle narratives that investigate the intersection between humans and technology. They offer diverse perspectives on non-human perception and agency, reflecting on the complexities of consciousness and existence.

The evening also features a hybrid DJ set by Alexander Martinz titled Whispers, Hisses, Wow + Flutter, a collage of a wide range of historical and contemporary Field Recordings and Musique Concrète. Using tape recordings, the set explores hauntological landscapes and the sheer physicality of its medium. A lazy Sunday meets a future that never came to pass.


19:30 - 20:45 HYBRID DJ SET
Whispers, Hisses, Wow + Flutter by Alexander Martinz


I don’t exist yet by Susanna Flock | AT | 2020 | 13’
Building A.I. out of Clay by Susanna Flock | AT | 2022 | 8’43
Metabolic Hardware by Johanna Bruckner | AT | 2023 | 17’30
Forehead Vulva Channeling Research by S()fia Braga| IT | 2021 | 5’19
The Artificial Conjuring Circle by S()fia Braga| IT | 2023 | 5’14

21:50 - 22:05 Q&A with S()fia Braga

22:15 - 00:00 LINK & LINGER
DJ set by Alexander Martinz

snacks & cocktails

︎ johannabruckner.com
︎ susannaflock.net
︎ sofiabraga.com
︎ admartinz.tumblr.com

︎ tinakult.com